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this demo is intended to show the integration between WordPress & google sheets.

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I am proposing a WordPress project to demonstrate the seamless integration between WordPress and Google Sheets. This custom script will read data from a Google Sheet, providing search functionality. The final implementation will be integrated into a WordPress page using the Gutenberg editor.

Project Overview:

  • Google Sheets Integration: Develop a script to retrieve data securely from a designated Google Sheet.
  • Data Search Functionality: Implement a customizable search feature for users to search the data. I can include extended Arabic letters support.
  • Customization Options: Allow administrator to simply update data in google sheet document and it will be reflected immediately in the website.
  • Gutenberg Integration: Integrate the custom script seamlessly into WordPress pages using the Gutenberg editor.


  • Custom Script: A well-documented script for the WordPress-Google Sheets integration.
  • User Guide: A comprehensive guide for installation, configuration, and usage.
  • Timeline and Cost:
    • Estimated completion time is 2 days. The project cost is $75 and includes development, testing, documentation, and support for 30 days.

Payment Terms:

  • 50% upfront upon project initiation.
  • 50% upon completion and delivery of the custom script, plugin, and user guide.

Next Steps:

Please confirm your approval of the proposal to proceed with the project. Feel free to reach out with any questions. via email